About Us

The concept:

I’m an ideas man and a practical man. The idea for the Trailer Guide started about 15years ago. I needed to come up with a way I could hitch my trailer for work without having to get my wife out of bed or myself out of the ute a number of times before my day even started. I also needed a way to be able to see the end of my trailer when backing down clients driveways or suppliers yard. Knowing how much room I needed before I could change lanes whilst driving was also important. Now that I have enough experience behind me it is finally a reality.

The common problem in all of these scenarios is that “You can’t back or line up what you can’t see.” So after many sleepless nights, patent meetings and three prototypes later, the “Trailer Guide” was born.

The Company:

We are a family based company that has worked very hard in choosing an Australian based company for the manufacturing of the guide as well as stickers, packaging and advertising. We strongly believe in supporting the Australian workforce. Trailer Guides AustraliaTM have made it our business to provide a durable product that serves multiple purposes to ensure that customers have all towing aspects covered.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a safe, reliable and effective way to hitch, tow and position their towing vehicle without needing the assistance of another person.