Written Instructions

Trailer GuidesTM Instructions For Hitching Use

Step 1:
Place clamp section of Trailer Guide on flange/ tow bar tongue between tow ball and rear of vehicle. Tighten clamp section with handle until firm then secure with locking nut.
trailer-guide-australia-_E5A7468. with insert1

NB: If flange/ tow bar tongue is not wide enough to attach clamp the clamp can also be applied in a vertical manner.

trailer-guide-australia-_E5A7468. with insert4


Step 2A:
Insert rod with reflective plate into top section A with reflective plate facing rear of drivers vehicle.

trailer-guide-australia-_E5A7468. with insert2


Step 2B:
If rod with reflective plate is obstructed by vehicle or not visible from driving position, place rod with reflective plate into side of clamp section B.

trailer-guide-australia-_E5A7468. with insert3

Step 3:
Place the second clamp section of trailer guide onto the top of the coupling of your trailer/caravan etc. Tighten clamp section with handle until firm then secure with locking nut. Insert rod with reflective plate into clamp section A if step 2A was followed or clamp section B if step 2B was followed.

Step 4:
Cautiously reverse your vehicle, aligning the rods and or reflective plates. Depending on position of clamp section chosen for rod with reflective plate on to tow bar and coupling will determine stopping distance between them. Ensure to stop your vehicle BEFORE rods with reflective plates touch together.

trailer-guide-australia-_E5A7468. with insert6 trailer-guide-australia-17

Trailer GuidesTM Instructions for Reversing or Driving use:

Step 1:
Place clamp section of trailer guides to the rear of each side of your low lying towing vehicle(one at a time). Ensure the flat part of clamp is resting on trailer.

Step 2:
Tighten clamp section with handle until firm then secure with locking nut and insert rod with reflective plate in clamp section A.
trailer-guide-australia-_E5A7468. with insert5


  • If rods and or reflective plates touch you have reversed too far and risk damaging your vehicle, trailer and guides.
  • Trailer GuidesTM are to be used as a visual aid only. They are not intended as an automatic hitching device.
  • Be sure to remove after use to reduce any unnecessary wear and tear on clamps.
  • Clamps are only to be used as instructed and are not intended for any other use.  
  • Be sure not to over tighten with handle or locking nut as it will cause screw thread to wear.
  • Trailer Guides AustraliaTM will not be liable for any injury to person or destruction of property in the event of guides being misused.